Welcome to the website of the Jesus Messiah picturebook (JMPBK) project.

– Jesus Messiah is the name of a graphic novel of the life of Jesus, the Messiah.

– In 1993 Willem de Vink created this book, revised the book in 2000 and 2017. (see his website: (dutch only))

– Translators please download the English edition of 2018 (editions from 2000 and 2017 combined): download (20Mbyte)

All picturebooks are listed in the main menu’s by continent:  Listed in the main menu: Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Pacific, with submenu’s for some countries.

You can try to find the organisation to order the comic book locally.  However most editions were 1 time print runs.

Willem de Vinks sells 4 languages: Dutch, English, Arab and Mandarine.  His webshop is called the gracefactory (Netherlands):

(you can email there for a very good special price, in case of bigger orders.)

To print yourself: all books are in PDF format and feel free to print.

– 130 languages: PDF folder

A limited number of languages can be watched in an android app, download the app in the Google playstore:


Some languages can be viewed on youtube at “Jesus Messiah Comic Book” channel:


1 The baptism of Jesus https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/1976421265756786/
2 Jesus in the desert https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/1977312279001018/
3 Wedding at Cana https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/1977313802334199/
4 Jesus at Capernaum https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/2000203986711847/
5 Healing https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/2000213033377609/
6 Storm on the lake https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/2034581533274092/
7 Twelve disciples https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/2034584573273788/
8 Five loaves of bread and two fish https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/2034587309940181/
9 Who is jesus? https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/2036136139785298/
10 Leprous https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/2034594589939453/
11 Lazarus https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/314611505778048/
12 Those in power https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/522148408242668/
13 Jerusalem https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/224165754915068/
14 The last supper https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/676327672728037/
15 Gethsemane https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/353434952067192/
16 Crucifixion https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/704298296622325/
17 Resurrection https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/302650536986922/
18 Ascension https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/887619128099379/
19 Follow Jesus https://www.facebook.com/Biblword/videos/1086471291522119/

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This website is promoted by Wycliffe Bijbelvertalers Nederland, to bring the translations of the Word of God close to the people. The pictures are colorful and the author/artist wants to tell the story of Jesus. He selected 34 stories from the Gospels. This is why we love the book “Jesus Messiah” If needed we may find a way to get a translation in your language too through one of our partners.

The 34 Jesus bible lesson stories:

plan (English)

d’étude (French)

1. Here comes Jesus! 12. Take up your Cross! 24. The Trial
2. The invisible battle 13. Be Thankful! 25. The Death Sentence
3. The celebration goes on 14. Become like a Child 26. To the Cross
4. Follow me! 15. Jesus Gives Life 27. Cursed
5. The sermon on the mount 16. He Must Die! 28. Jesus Dies on the Cross
6. Healed! 17. Honoring Jesus 29. The Sacrifice of Jesus
7. With Jesus in the boat 18. The Humble King 30. Jesus Lives!
8. Free of Satan’s power 19. The Big Cleansing 31. Jesus With Us
9. The Mission 20. The Betrayal 32. No More “Me First!”
10. Jesus Gives More than Enough 21. The Footwashing 33. Witness
11. To Believe is to Trust Jesus 22. Communion 34. God is Close By
23. The Arrest

Some editions were just done digital, mostly they were book printed. Printed editions were at some point in time available within the country or language group. Feel free to print the PDF yourself or reprint the books.(Creative commons BY-SA domain)

This project is fully operated by gifts from Sponsors